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This beautiful little building is a disabled sized toilet block on the Morac Golf Course in suburban Melbourne.

Located well away from the Clubhouse and any facilities for passing golfers it was installed in one day on the prepared site. It went into operation on Ladies competition day the day after being installed.

Prefabricated in 40mm thick timber it is expected to prove a challenging but popular hazard for many decades to come. The Golf Course staff led by Mick and Campbell worked hard to finalise the path and surrounds for opening hour – 6am.

Want to see some more Rota-Loo installations and how they work? View our Quicktime movies...


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If you want to REALLY cut down on your water usage in the household, this is one of the most effective ways that I personally know of.

Back in 1991/92, I had a small timber house built right in the middle of a dry Sclerophyll Eucalypt forest. The rainfall is not very high there.

The roof area of the house was about 13 squares, and I had 2 x 22500-litre tanks under the house for collection. The house was built on a hillside, overlooking a fantastically beautiful little valley.

To dispose of sewage on this block in the usual way would have meant ripping through the ground to put seepage lines in; disturbing roots of trees, rocks, nesting holes, innumerable habitat sites. So I had a Rota-Loo installed.

The first one to get a permit in that shire. From personal experience, I can tell you it was the best choice I could ever have made.This particular Rota-Loo that I purchased was the earlier type, made with glass-fibre, and having 4 sections (bins).
With my installation, it took approximately 6-9 months for one bin to be filled, after which the second bin was rotated into position. Thus, by the time no. 1 bin came round for use again, (a time lapse of about 18 months) its contents had matured into a non-smelly, friable compost in which none of the original excreta could be recognised as such. Within the toilet cubicle, smell was no problem at all, because a fan continuously draws air from the cubicle down through the system, and vented above the roofline.
Guests would remark that the toilet smelt less than a conventional flush toilet.

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Twenty percent of all household water is flushed down the toilet.

ROTA-LOO composting toilets DO NOT use any water!